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Evaluation of Youtube

Technological evolution has brought numerous contributions in shaping this modern world. The resent advancements in technology has made it possible to share pictures and videos from all around the world. YouTube has been regarded as the largest worldwide video sharing community. It is a Web 2.0 tool which is absolutely free. YouTube was founded in February 2005, its essential feature is that it has billions of people who watch, discover and share originally created videos.

This tool becomes handy when its videos are used as teaching aids. As a student I find YouTube very much enriched with numerous Educational features. I believe that these features have helped me understand various mechanisms which would be difficult to pictures and follow in the bulky notes provide in text books.

Various scientific studies have proven that information which is provided in the form of animation (videos) tend to have a longer life in our memory system in comparison to the written text or verbal explanations. Thus, in order to understand a lesson content and remember it for a longer period, teachers must use visual aids uploaded in YouTube.

Some Educationally Equitable Features of YouTube Are;

1. Easy To Use

Any person can gain access to videos on YouTube regardless of having an account. Hence, this makes it very easy for the students to view videos. To upload or to comment on a particular video then only an account is required. To sing up for an account is very simple.  Creating a YouTube account can be done as follows.

2. Video Playback

Another feature that i find interesting is video playback. This feature not only helps the students but the teachers as well in the teaching and learning process. For example, if a student wants to re-look at a particular concept then he/she can always go back to see. To go back and see the concept does not require the user to reload the video again. For teacher purposes I think that teachers can show the video repeatedly to allow the students to grasp the concept taught in the video.

3. Sharing Videos

There are many social network on which YouTube videos can be shared. To upload the video on each of the social network individually can be time consuming. To share your video all at once auto share can be setup on your YouTube account, your uploads, favorites, and ratings will automatically post to your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Reader account. The screen shot below shows how to setup  a auto share button on YouTube.

4. Uploads By Phones And Computers

Videos can now be uploaded from iPhone. Videos can be uploaded directly from this device. This feature I feel is very helpful to teachers as they can update their work as soon as they have recorded it. The videos are also very easy to be uploaded from the computer. The video below shows how to upload a video from computer to you tube.

5. Skipping To Specific Time 

This features allows both the teachers and students to skip the parts of the video which they do not want to see. This feature also helps in saving time to do class work. The teachers can only show the relevant parts and the students can skip parts that they understand or for example, if the video is on the whole class experiment and the students want to see the results only they can skip part to do so.

6. Big Uploads

The students and teachers especially are at an advantage now since YouTube can cater for videos which are up to 2GB. This allows for high quality video uploads. That means that even your professionally produced video can still look good on the small screen.

Advantages and Disadvantages

An advantage that I have seen using YouTube is that it helps that students to learn better by enabling them to share their knowledge and look at visuals. The Web 2.0 tools helps the teachers a lot in their daily teaching. For example, an experiment was conducted in class and the students did not come to the expected results due to some experimental error. The teacher can link a video of the same experiment done by some other person who has successfully achieved the results. This will enhance students understanding of the concept better. A disadvantage can be students may try to abuse the site by uploading some inappropriate videos like racist videos, violent videos and other abusive videos. Some of them may make and upload videos that may sexually harass a student or teacher.


In conclusion it can be said that, YouTube has a lot of feature that makes it easy to use and as mentioned earlier these features include; easy to use website, video playback, sharing of videos on other social websites, ability to upload videos from mobile device, skip videos to specific time intervals and allowing large data files that improves the video quality. YouTube also has advantages and disadvantages and I believe if used educationally this is one of the best, easiest and the most effective Web tool to be used in the teaching and learning process.

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