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Freedom to Love

The caving for free air kills me,

Blood ties keep pressing me pressing me down,

Gasping with all my strenght,

I spread my wings up and wide,

Like an eagle  i wish to fly.

The kinship love hold me back.


A daughter i am,

A wife i wish to be.

The drizzling night make me wounder,

Who’s the prince that’s gonna take me away.


I feel my dreams are locked in a chess,

Drown have had been the keys that withheld my strenght.


Dazzling mist wet the sheet,

As hope and longing fool my eye.


Lying in the box urge to die

Wash away are the hope and faith i had.

Achs my heart in the pain of trying,

The escape seems a dream to attain the sun.


How do i make them understand ,

Free air is where my life stands.



By: Reema Alpana


September 3, 2011 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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