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Evaluation of 280slides

280slides is an essential presentation tool as it helps making presentation easy, accessible and can be shared with anyone around the world through internet access. This tool is affordable since it is free web application that requires no software for installation. Therefore it is easy to download your slideshows in PowerPoint format.

280slides is very handy for teachers, students as well as in business profession. Whereby, one can use presentation to share their views and concept s to co-workers, friends or students. In the fields of education it can be made easier for teachers to deliver their lesson even though they are in different places at different point of time.

Essential Features of 280slides

Features that contribute it to be more reliable and advance are;

•Import existing documents – this enables you to import your existing presentation and share or edit them online.

•Online storage – store the presentation securely on internet server for better access from anywhere where there is internet connection.

•Auto save and recovery – this feature enables to save your documents automatically every few minutes.

•Built-In media search – allows you to add movies and pictures to your presentation from web services like YouTube or Flickr.

•Download to power point – allows you to download a copy in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 format.

•Themes – as readymade themes which enables you to personalize your presentation.

•Share it online– this enables you to share your presentation with your friends or embed it on your website using slide share.

•Works in Browser – it works well in browsers such as internet explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. Therefore, as mentioned before you don’t need to download or any software.

Limitations of 280slides

However there are some limitations such as;
•No spelling and grammar checker available.

•There is no a reference grid or ruler.

•There is limited number of themes and layouts.

•No style support is provided.

•Lack of fancy transition effect and animations.

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